Sounds Modules

Speak correct Sounds.
With the help of Sounds training we help you to remove your Mother tongue Influence and Improve your Pronunciation.

This is a part of Voice and Accent Training
Help your Ears - Through a Ear training module we help students to listen to correct sound Remove Mother tongue influence.
All English Consonant & Vowel sounds how to use them in words to Neutralize one’s accent.

This module is based upon US accent.
MTI (Mother Tongue Influence)….. How do you remedy this problem? With Tongue twisters!!!!
These fun phrases can trip up even the most fluent speakers with alliteration and confusing combinations of words.
Students of all ages love learning with these phrases, and they can add a whole new level of learning to your class.
Some of the more common issues for English students include:

Aspiration: In English, we use a small expulsion of air to enunciate some letters. Try saying “P” or “Ch” or “K” to test this. You’ll notice a puff of air leaves your lips.

Mouth Shape and Tongue Position: Many foreign languages require very different mouth shapes for words. This results in difficulties for those learning English.

We Make sure our students know where their tongue needs to be and how to shape their mouth.

Throat Vibrations: In English, certain sounds make the throat vibrate.

Extra memberships -
Whats app group Available for vocabulary module free of cost for students.

We help students with listening to English Songs playlist & watching to English TV Series and English Movies.

Classes Mode


Online Classes- Live Virtual Online classes ( Use Google hangouts, Skype Google duos whatsapp etc for video classes & Internet should be good enough to support thevideo calls & the environment around the student should be clean.).

Offline Classes-Live Offline Trainer to trainer training( Come to ur centers and take the training)…

Training on Demand Do It yourself we will provide you the study material & in case of any doubts student can contact us through email , message or call(It can be done any where anytime and no boundations to sit in a classroom for hours.)

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Factors that Influence Language Learning

1. Motivation- Are you being forced to learn, or do you really want to learn the language? When you understand the importance of understanding a language and can see how it directly applies to your life, then you learn faster. We’ve found that a contextual, theme-based curriculum can help get students more excited to dive into language learning. When students are interested in learning a language and they see meaningful connections to their lives, they begin to take risks to produce language, which helps them to acquire it faster.. .............................................................Readmore



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